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BAT CITY SPECIAL: Meet Joey Muerto!
Welcome to a comic as weird and wild as Texas! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be spending some time introducing ya’ll to the creative team behind the Halloween Man “Bat City Special.”    This time it’s Joey Muerto!     Introduce yourself and your background?  ... Read more
Dead Coats Review
Dead Coats -TTDDCC Review by Kevin Spann   With their recent release TTDDCC the female fronted four -piece the Dead Coats a self described Psycho Punk band hailing from Austin Texas have put forward an eclectic work likely to appeal to those who takes a big tent approach to... Read more
Interview: The Rebel Flesh!
The Rebel Flesh is Austin’s number one horror punk act. They are: Vocals: Jeremiah Guitar: Royce Bass: Chris Drums: Mike We were lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of these musical miscreants for a quick interview. What/Who are your influences? Jeremiah: We all have different influences,... Read more
Mad Monster Party in Dallas!
The Mad Monster Party: Unofficial Famous Monsters After-Party and Costumed Dance!       Welcome all Famous Monsters Convention Dallas attendees, monsters, horror film fans and friends beyond… Come Dressed as Your Favorite Movie Monster! Cosplayers and Monster-Kids welcome! Everyone in costume receives a complimentary PANOPTIKbitch shot – our... Read more