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Dead Coats Review
Dead Coats -TTDDCC Review by Kevin Spann   With their recent release TTDDCC the female fronted four -piece the Dead Coats a self described Psycho Punk band hailing from Austin Texas have put forward an eclectic work likely to appeal to those who takes a big tent approach to... Read more
Interview: The Rebel Flesh!
The Rebel Flesh is Austin’s number one horror punk act. They are: Vocals: Jeremiah Guitar: Royce Bass: Chris Drums: Mike We were lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of these musical miscreants for a quick interview. What/Who are your influences? Jeremiah: We all have different influences,... Read more
Mad Monster Party in Dallas!
The Mad Monster Party: Unofficial Famous Monsters After-Party and Costumed Dance!       Welcome all Famous Monsters Convention Dallas attendees, monsters, horror film fans and friends beyond… Come Dressed as Your Favorite Movie Monster! Cosplayers and Monster-Kids welcome! Everyone in costume receives a complimentary PANOPTIKbitch shot – our... Read more