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SyFy Featurette takes a look the Mummy’s Jekyll/Hyde.
  The Mummy reboot is on it’s way, like it or not.  But the Mummy isn’t the only classic horror character getting a face lift in the film.  Russell Crowe  plays Dr. Jekyll, who runs Prodigium, a secret order of monster hunters.   However,  as all monster nuts know,... Read more
Penny Dreadful’ Season 3 Premiere: Watch It Now Early For Free
Needing your monster fix? Showtime has you covered, because they have unleashed Season 3 Premiere of Penny Dreadful online for all to view! Let’s get the run down of Gothic horrors! A werewolf, vampire cults, and Frankenstein’s Monster? If that wasn’t enough this episode throws in a meeting between... Read more
Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll

Purists beware! While Hammer is famous for its revamped versions of classic horror icons, none are changed as radically as Mr. Hyde. While the later “Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde” added gender identity issues to this mix, Terence Fisher’s 1960 is perhaps a little more offbeat in its subtle changes. Fisher was a big believer in the so-called “charm of evil”, and his version of Stevenson’s famous tale reflects that. But what makes it an interesting take on Hyde is probably one of the things that makes it off putting to purists.

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Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

London fog, thick as pea soup. A street butcher sharpens his blade and readies himself to carve up a rabbit. A street walker sings an off-key folk tune. A man in a top hat and cloak emerges from the darkness,stalking a lady of the evening. The cloaked man removes a long knife from a medical bag. The camera angles in on the butcher’s blade shredding through flesh and fur. Next red blood splatters on a white wanted poster. The Ripper has finished his work and flees the scene. He enters a darkened room, cleans the gore off of himself and begins to write in a journal. “This is the testament of Dr. Henry Jekyll, age 30, male…male…MALE!”

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