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“Friday the 13th” video game gets the Honest Trailer treatment.
  Like almost everyone else in the horror fan community, we’re super excited about the new “Friday” game.  The game appears to be a true labor of love from real fans of the series.  But not so excited that we’re not able to laugh a little at the game itself.  ... Read more
Jason Lives in PS4 trailer!
  The gore.  The amazing gore. Read more
Tom Savini introduces us to “Hellfire” Jason!

At the end of “Jason Goes to Hell” horror fans saw Jason Voorhees get dragged into the pits of the underworld by demons. Well, make-up legend Tom Savini and the makers of the new “Friday the 13th” video game have given us a new vision of what Mama Voorhees’ son might look like after a trip down below. He’s not pretty and he’s armed with the Devil’s pitchfork. One word folks, ouch!

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Jason Lives in Video Game Form!

Experience life as a terrified camp counselor trying to survive the night in a full match of gameplay.

Friday the 13th The Game: ‘XIII’ Trailer (Warning: Extreme Violence)

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Interview: Slashermania’s Russell Hillman!
I’ve known the madman behind Slashermania for years.   Our shared love of horror has forged a bond of friendship that crosses Oceans from England to Texas.  Russell Hillman loves slasher movies. He loves them in this wonderfully gonzo and bizarrely innocent way.   If a love for violent... Read more
Music video pays tribute to “Friday the 13th” films.
The “Friday” series has had many tributes in recent years.  But this video from Wolfie’s Just Fine really nails the strange innocence of discovering the horror genre.  Enjoy(or don’t).   Read more
Russell’s Roundtable:  Defending Universally-Panned Horror
  RUSSELL’S ROUNDTABLE Today’s topic: Defending Universally-Panned Horror You know that film that everyone hates, the one that killed off the franchise or the subgenre or someone’s career? Why is it genuinely awesome, and why has nobody noticed? Russell Hillman has assembled some of HorrorMovie.Net’s best and brightest –... Read more
Bloody Good Rhymes: Johnny Hacknslash

Kicking this off is an interview with underground nerdcore rapper Johnny Hacknslash. I first saw Johnny perform at the 2015 Nerd Cave showcase, an annual comic book convention and music showcase in Austin, Texas. Many of his songs leaned towards macabre themes, so naturally he won me over. I think he’ll win you over once you get to know him better.

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Happy Monday the 13th!  Now watch checkout Jason’s new VIDEO GAME assault!

Everyone’s favorite undead freak is set to attack the world of video games very soon. The makers of the Friday the 13th game have unleashed a BRUTAL preview of the game play! So, lap it up horror fans!

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Retro Trailer: Jason Goes to Hell!
In honor of Friday the 13th, we’re kick starting a new feature based around old trailers for horror movies.  This go around it’s Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday! Well, we all know that didn’t end up being true. The movie ended up being kinda bad as well,... Read more