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Bat City Special:  Meet Dan Price!

Welcome to a comic as weird and wild as Texas! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be spending some time introducing ya’ll to the creative team behind the Halloween Man “Bat City Special.” First up, it is Mr. Dan Price!

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I AM HEXED: Interview with Kirsten Thompson!

I first became aware of I am Hexed through Instagram and I was quickly put under the spell of it’s wonderful artwork and smart writing. I became a donor to their successful Kickstarter campaign, but I felt the need to learn more about this political fantasy about the struggles of modern witches in America. Thankfully the series’ writer Kirsten Thompson was kind enough to answer a few questions.

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It’s Slime Time! Burnham and Schoening on “Ghostbusters 101!”

In recent years, it has become common place for comic book companies to revive popular and nostalgic brands from our childhood that we know and love. But the trick of resurrecting a cult classic from the grave isn’t always an easy one. If done wrong, it becomes a souless beast sucking the life out of a treasured memory. However, thanks to IDW we know just who to call to combat crappy comics. Say it with me out loud, readers! “GHOSTBUSTERS!”

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Two eras of Ghostbusters to team-up in four color form!

Love or hate it, the Paul Feig directed Ghostbusters remake put the franchise back in the public eye in a big way. Well, here’s news I think most fans can get behind! Through the magic of IDW’s wonderful Ghostbusters comic series, the original ‘busters gets to team-up with ladies from the recent film!

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Castle of Horror: Batman Vs… DRACULA!
The podcast we take a look at the 2005 animated feature THE BATMAN VERSUS DRACULA. Listen here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/castleofhorror/TS-647879.mp3 Or listen on YouTube: Check out the trailer:   Castle of Horror Podcast Links: Join us over on Facebook to chime in. The show is hosted here. Get our RSS Feed. Subscribe at iTunes.... Read more
Book Review: Tobin’s Spirit Guide (Official Ghostbusters Edition)

Ever since the original Ghostbusters film in 1984, fans of the franchise have been fascinated by the volume of supernatural lore known as Tobin’s Spirit Guide. It was mentioned twice in the movie and never shown, but for some reason it came to be known as an encyclopedia of supernatural knowledge. It was used countless times in The Real Ghostbusters animated series. Any time Egon Spengler needed information on whatever ghost or phenomenon the Ghostbusters were investigating in that particular episode, he’d look it up in Tobin’s Spirit Guide.

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Greg Scott Joins the Black Hood for Some West Coast Noir
Hey gang! This week we talk to comic book artist GREG SCOTT, whose cinema-inspired, gritty art will be adorning Season 2 of THE BLACK HOOD from Dark Circle/Archie Comics. Scott talks about his movie habit, LA Noir, and the strangeness of urban life. Listen to this episode here:  ... Read more
Slashermania: Give Till it Hurts
As we’ve discussed before, Slashermania is an original horror graphic novel and it’s kickstarting RIGHT NOW!  Our second favorite bald maniac, Russell Hillman is trying to bring his sinister dream to life! You can get in on the ground floor of the next great horror legend! Give today! Give... Read more
Interview: Slashermania’s Russell Hillman!
I’ve known the madman behind Slashermania for years.   Our shared love of horror has forged a bond of friendship that crosses Oceans from England to Texas.  Russell Hillman loves slasher movies. He loves them in this wonderfully gonzo and bizarrely innocent way.   If a love for violent... Read more
Come say “howdy” to us at Anime Fest!
Anime Fest is less than 24 hours away! Come visit us at table C02 in the Bizarre Bazaar! Or come see one of our many panels for the Castle of Horror Podcast! Can’t wait to see so many of ya’ll!     Read more