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Bat City Special:  Meet Shane Campos! Bat City Special:  Meet Shane Campos!
Welcome to the third in our series of interviews on the artists involved in the Halloween Man: Bat City Special!  This time it’s Snazzy... Bat City Special:  Meet Shane Campos!

Welcome to the third in our series of interviews on the artists involved in the Halloween Man: Bat City Special!  This time it’s Snazzy Shane Campos, who bold, cartoony style art will grab you.  So, let’s learn a little bit more about this talented gentleman.

So, tell us a bit about yourself? 


I’m Shane Campos. I do Graphic Design for a Print Promo company for my day job. I have a wife, 3 year old daughter and 14 year old step son. I enjoy comics, weird movies and making art.


  How did you come to be interested in making comics?

Before Austin I live around the Waco area. I won a “Draw Batman” contest at the local bookstore. This was when the first Tim Burton Batman film came out. Some of the comic artist that frequented that store asked if I wanted to hang out and work on some stuff. I was about 17/18 at the time so I jumped at the opportunity to be around other comic nerds. The inker took me under his wing. He taught me a lot from ruling out pages to storytelling. We all formed Absolute Comics around the time of the black and white boom and put out a few issues.


What are some other projects you have worked on?



I worked on two series from Absolute Comics, Shott Loose and Punk. Lately I have been making some T Shirts and helping put on a little show every year called The Austin Nerd Cave.


  Favorite Comic Book Artist?


There are a bunch but I will give a few favorites. Michael Golden, Arthur Adams, Bruce Timm, and of course Jack Kirby!


  How long have you lived in Austin? If you moved here, what brought you here?


About 9 years now. I moved here with a then girlfriend but that soon ended. I had a few close friends in Austin already. I love the town, even at the stupid crazy growth spurt it’s going through right now.


How would you describe working as an artist in Austin?


It’s a good scene. I think the group of creators I fell in with are the best so I can’t complain at all.


Austin, is known is a musical city, are you involved with the music scene?  Are are there any venues or bands you like?


I’m not musical but I love to hear live music. There are a lot of genres I like, Metal, Ambient. Rock, Hip Hop and Jazz are my favorites. Smaller venues are best, like around the Red River area or East side.



  Who is your favorite Halloween Man character?   

Lucy, for sure. Drew has a amazing grasp on how to write a strong female character.


Tell us about your story for the Bat City Special and your process of working on it?


The Bride of Gorilla-Stein! Just look at that title. I got the script from Drew a few days after I was on the project and loved it.

It has a cool Horror Scooby Doo feel that I think people will dig and Drew let me have a little fun with the character designs. My process is pretty simple. The pencils were done traditionally then brought into the Ol’ Mac then inked, colored and lettered in Adobe Illustrator.


What else excites you about this project?


Being in a book with all these great artists mainly.


Anything in closing?


Support your local creators!


Speaking of support local artists, if you want to support Shane and the Bat City Special, click here to become a back of the Bat City Special.





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