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Welcome to a comic as weird and wild as Texas! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be spending some time introducing ya’ll... BAT CITY SPECIAL: MEET PAULO HERNANDEZ!

Welcome to a comic as weird and wild as Texas! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be spending some time introducing ya’ll to the creative team behind the Halloween Man “Bat City Special.”    This time it’s Paulo Hernandez!


So, tell us about yourself and your background?


Name is Paulo J Hernandez. I have been drawing since my high school days. I have been an Illustrator since 2005 although my comic book work has only recently gaining momentum. I have self published 2 comics and plan to publish more.


How did you come to be interested in making comics? 

As a kid with toys I made with pipe cleaners, I would act out my own movies with my only regret of no one else witnessing them. One of my older brothers gave me a pile of comics to sell at a comic shop one day and fortunately for me the shops did not want them. I kept most of them and I found that comics was the storytelling element I was looking for. As I learned to draw I found my outlet for the struggles in my life. The marriage of illustration and storytelling allow me to express who I am.

What are some other projects you have worked on. 

Afterhours Afterlife, and Lies My Motherboard Told Me #1 are the 2 I self published. I have also worked on some independent comics and logo designs. I am currently working on a 5-6 Teaser comic for a friend to show at New York Comic Con.  Favorite Comic Book Artist? 

Hands down, Adam Warren.

How long have you lived in Austin? If you moved here, what brought you here?

I have lived in Austin for about 25 years. I moved to Austin when I was 9 yrs old to escape the dangers of living in a border town.

 How would you describe working as an artist in Austin?

It took me a while to find them but Austin, with the exception of a few bad apples, has a great community of artists that have been so helpful and kind. Some of the best people I’ve met and am honored to call a lot of them friends.

Austin, is known is a musical city, are you involved with the music scene?  Are are there any venues or bands you like?

Not involved in the music scene myself but through friends I am. I used to go to Emo’s to check out punk bands as a kid. I catch some shows here and there but that is the beauty of Austin, there are so many venues and bands coming through that I can go see a good show just about any night of the week!

  When did you first become aware of Halloween Man?

I believe it was at the first Nerdcave Showcase in 2008 I think. It was my very first time I was selling my art and was nervous as all hell. I got a chance to talk to Drew Edwards about Halloween Man.

  Who is your favorite Halloween Man character?  

Solomon Hitch.

Tell us about your story for the Bat City Special and your process of working on it? 

The story involves Lucy Chaplin Defending Earth from an Invasion of Robotica Queen of Metal! It has been great to not only portray the amazing Lucy Chaplin but also designing the Queen of Metal herself. Keeping with the Halloween man lore and style I drew inspiration from Metropolis, Flash Gordon, and old 90’s TMNTs.

What else excites you about this project? 

Not only do I think it is such a great look at different artists’ take on these characters, but I am excited to see what the fans think of the All Austin Issue of there beloved comic. It is nice to show that Austin has so many great comic creators.

Anything in closing?

I hope everyone enjoys the BAT City Special!

For those wanting to support the Bat City Special, check out the IndieGoGo page! 



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