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A version of Ghostbusters we can all agree is great!

“Yes, it’s true, this man has no bricks.”

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Retro Trailer “Vampire Hunter D”
    Scope out this trailer for the original 1985 release of Vampire Hunter D! Read more
Come say “howdy” to us at Anime Fest!
Anime Fest is less than 24 hours away! Come visit us at table C02 in the Bizarre Bazaar! Or come see one of our many panels for the Castle of Horror Podcast! Can’t wait to see so many of ya’ll!     Read more
That awesome cover song from that Penny Dreadful ad.

Official video for Masquer – You Don’t Own Me. From the Masquer EP “Covers” (2012)
Directed by Charlotte Landelius and Theresa Traore Dahblerg

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Let’s stop and listen to some music for a second.
You might be sick of us posting about the new Ghostbusters film, but I just wanted to take another moment and point out how much l liked the score.  I love music, I’m even married to a musician.  So, a film with a good score always impresses me.  Elmer... Read more
Wired plays ‘Real or Fake Ghost’ with Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig.
  Now that he’s made a ‘Ghostbusters’ movie, director Paul Feig should be an expert in spirits. So WIRED asked him about a series of spooks, both real and fake, to see if he could tell us which were based on actual ghost stories and which we totally made... Read more
Press Release: Austin Nerd Cave This Weekend!
Austin Nerd Cave Showcase 2016   Annual art & music event inspired by comics, gaming, pop culture Austin, TX, – Join us this Sunday at Spider House Ballroom for the return of the Austin Nerd Cave Showcase. The event runs from 12pm – 6pm, and features artists working in... Read more
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. To celebrate I’m watching all 12 Friday the 13th movies in order! It’s the Marathon at Crystal Lake! Starting at some point after I get up in the morning and finishing some 18.5 hours or so later, it’s a KI-KI-KI MA-MA-MARATHON! I’ll be livetweeting... Read more
Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016 Coverage!

If you followed the trail of the dead last week then you would have found yourself at the 11th annual Texas Frightmare Weekend. Scores of fans eagerly anticipating a never ending gore fest were no doubt in for a treat. With guests like Director George A. Romero, cast members of hit slashers like Scream and Halloween 2 and many more, you couldn’t get enough.

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Tobe Hooper: An Appreciation
Tobe Hooper: one of the most instantly recognizable names in all of horror. The man behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, he’s been an influence and a presence on the genre since 1974. So let’s take a look over the highs-and lows- of Hooper’s illustrious career. The 1970s saw... Read more