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Retro TV: “Buffy Doppelgängland”

What’s a sadistic, hyper-sexed vampire to do? When she’s good, she’s very good, and when she’s bad, she’s still Willow, but in a leather outfit that would scare Emma Peel. Sunnydale has suddenly become “Doppelgangland.”

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A look back at Extreme Ghostbusters!

When it comes to reinvigorating a once popular franchise, there are a couple of different approaches. The first is to completely reboot the franchise with a new cast of actors (and possibly characters) which is the route the new Ghostbusters movie is taking. The second is to introduce new characters into the original continuity while bringing back some fan favorites. The second approach was used for the Extreme Ghostbusters series which ran for one season starting in 1997.

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Netflix goes back to the 80’s with Stranger Things trailer.

The streaming titan is offering up a new “supernatural drama” starting on July 15th. If this trailer is on the money, it looks like it drinks deeply from the same well as 80’s cult classics like Goonies and Monster Squad.

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Retro TV: Buffy: “Fool for Love!”

Spike: “I could have danced all night with that one.”
Buffy: “You think we’re dancing?”
Spike: “That’s all we’ve ever done.”

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Retro TV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer “The Zeppo!”

“Being blowed up isn’t walking around and drinking with your buddies dead. It’s little pieces being swept up by the janitor dead, and I don’t think you’re ready for that.”

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