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Retro TV “Buffy” Superstar

Buffy and the Scooby Gang make their way to a nest of vampires that’s too large for them to handle alone. Hastily they return to the large mansion of Action Man Jonathan Levinson, who swings around behind his desk like Howard Hughes. “I take it you need my help.”

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Retro TV “Buffy” Something Blue

Willow, the witch whose werewolf boyfriend Oz just left, mopes around in his dorm room, while cute TA Riley makes picnic plans with Buffy. Buffy worries that true love cannot exist without danger, so maybe he’s too normal. (He’s not.)

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Retro TV “Buffy” Shadows

Buffy runs while Glori orders the cobra demon to find “the key,” and tell her where it is. (We know the key has been transformed into Dawn.)

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Retro TV “Buffy” Primeval

Riley has come to super-cyborg Adam because, it turns out, Professor Maggie Walsh implanted a behavior modification chip in Riley’s chest. Now Adam has learned to manipulate the chip such that Riley retains his consciousness but must obey his every order (sit, walk, talk, don’t talk, etc.) But sooner or later, he says, Riley will come around to Adam’s side.

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Trailer:  “The Strain” turns Lady Liberty into a vampire.

As season three begins, New York City is a battleground. Written off by the federal government, the people of New York City must fight for survival on their own. The question is who will win? Humans or strigoi? Our heroes win victories, but are not winning the war. Beset by personal conflicts – betrayal, disappointment, paranoia – our group is splintering… Meanwhile, the Master is close to executing an irreversible transformation of the world. Is there still hope to save the city and humanity?

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Retro TV “Buffy” The Body

“The Body” is one of the most mature examinations of everyday death I’ve ever seen on television, and certainly one of the most memorable episodes of Buffy. The episode recalls other moments in the series when Buffy has suddenly taken a left turn into M*A*S*H territory. The episode involves no plot other than the slow dissemination of and digestion of the news of the death of Kristine Sutherland’s Joyce Summers.

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Retro TV “Buffy” I was Made to Love You
Buffy the Vampire Slayer   “I was Made to Love You” Broadcast February 20, 2001 “I was Made to Love You” masquerades as a comic relief episode until it punches us in the stomach with no less than two unhappy endings. In brief, Buffy’s recent obsession with her own... Read more
Retro TV “Buffy” Hush!

In the night, the Gentlemen cast a whispering spell that travels through the town and removes everyone’s voice.

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Retro TV “Buffy” Fear Itself

Buffy’s feeling blue after her rejection of Parker, who used and dropped her, and she’s waxing philosophical at Halloween and likening herself to the pumpkins she and the Slayer Gang are eviscerate make Jack-o-Lanterns. The Gang invite Xander to join them at a scare-house/party hosted by the Alpha Delt fraternity the following Saturday.

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Retro TV “Buffy” Family

Tara tells Willow a bedtime story and in return, Willow reassures Tara that she’s an essential part of the Scooby Gang. Meanwhile, Buffy and Giles have learned that Dawn is actually a living embodiment of an energy source called “The Key.” The monks who sent Dawn to Buffy, also sending a full range of artificial memories to everyone, did so for a reason, and Buffy vows not to reveal the secret to Dawn. “I have to take care of her,” Buffy says– especially since the mysterious blond demon hunting for Dawn the Key is still out there.

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