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The Void

After what appears to be a brutal murder takes place in a small town, a local police officer finds an injured survivor and takes him to the nearest hospital. As it turns out, the hospital has been fire damaged and there is only a skeleton crew there to take of the victim. Things quickly escalate as white robed figures appear, heralding strange transformations in the staff. As the boundaries of reality begin to crumble, the gun wielding murderers invade the scene and the players in this nightmare soon find that the horror is even deeper and more widespread than they imagined.

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The J-Pop cover of the Ghostbusters theme you never knew you needed…

Marketing American films to foreign audiences can often produce crazy results. Case and point, this spot on, yet totally Japanese cover of the original Ray Parker Jr. theme song. No Fall Out Boy in sight! Apparently these ladies are Japan’s most popular female comedians — Tomochika, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Naomi Watanabe, and Shizuyo Yamasaki. No matter who they are, they make fine Ghostbusters and this video is worth wasting a few moments of your time on.

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Retro TV “Buffy” Hush!

In the night, the Gentlemen cast a whispering spell that travels through the town and removes everyone’s voice.

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Let’s stop and listen to some music for a second.
You might be sick of us posting about the new Ghostbusters film, but I just wanted to take another moment and point out how much l liked the score.  I love music, I’m even married to a musician.  So, a film with a good score always impresses me.  Elmer... Read more
Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

As a child Jack Brooks witnessed the brutal murder of his family. Now a young man he struggles with a pestering girlfriend, therapy sessions that resolve nothing, and night classes that barely hold his interest. After unleashing an ancient curse, Jack’s Professor undergoes a transformation into something not-quite- human, and Jack is forced to confront some old demons… along with a few new ones.

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House of the Wolf Man

“House of the Wolf Man” is an indie horror flick that probably escaped most people’s notice during it’s first release. It came out around the same time as the remake of the original Wolf Man . While it would be easy to label it a shameless attempt to cash on the brief interest in classic horror, it seems like it has it’s undead heart in the right place. While it’s most overtly a homage to the great “monster rallies” of yore, it also pays visual homage to Everything from Monogram’s low rent horror flicks and Val Lewton’s classic Gothic features. It’s star is a very tangible link to classic horror, with a last name that sound perk interest in any monster buff. “Ron Chaney.” Yes, that’s right, the great grandson of the Man of a Thousand Face and the grandson of the original Wolf Man himself.

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Mask of Fu Manchu

One of the most gleefully perverse and certainly the most relentlessly un-PC of the golden age horrror pictures, is the Mask of Fu Manchu starring Frankenstein’s Monster himself, Boris Karloff. Based on Sax Rohmer’s infamous devil doctor, the movie was criticized by the Chinese government, during its 1932 release. The movie and it’s title character are often deeemed as offensive to Asians and in all fairness, it’s easy to see why. As it stands today, it remains a guilty pleasure for this liberal minded, 21st century critic. But dubious pleasure or not, I am going to share this film with you.

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Late Phases

To paraphrase Stephen King, a true horror fan has to drink a lot of milk to truly know cream. Most genre efforts seem to only work towards being mindless entertainment. For the most part, that is okay. I’ve spent a good portion of my life in dark movie theaters or in front of a TV screen in search of memorable fright faire that strives to be something unique.

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Favorite Movie Werewolves!

Werewolves have been on my mind due to the awesome Penny Dreadful trailer. I have very specific likes and dislikes about what makes for a cool looking werewolf. So with that in mind, I thought I’d make a list to share with ya’ll.

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Those who know me, know my love of monster movies is a deep one.  They’ll tell you I am howling mad about the Universal Monsters.  They’ll say I’m crazy about Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th series.  But lesser known, and no less deep is my love of dinosaur flicks!  There’s just something about big, bad, behemoths that gets my blood pumping.  And with Jurassic World now in theaters, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite dino-tastic films with you.  So here they are and in no certain order…

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