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Ivy Levan takes on “Science Fiction, Double Feature’ For Fox’s new Rocky Horror.

The small role of “Trixie” the Usherette exists in the Rocky Horror stage play, but was omitted for the classic big screen version. Fox’s TV movie remake adds it back in with Ivy Levan in the part. Does her take on “Science Fiction,Double Feature” have you shivering with anticipation for the rest of the film?

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What’s that Sound?
Stranger Things….. I want that to settle in your head a moment before I continue…. The sugar high pandemonium that comes with those two words has sparked a new interest in the world of cinematic nostalgia that leaves us begging for more. More adventures into the unknown, more basement... Read more
The J-Pop cover of the Ghostbusters theme you never knew you needed…

Marketing American films to foreign audiences can often produce crazy results. Case and point, this spot on, yet totally Japanese cover of the original Ray Parker Jr. theme song. No Fall Out Boy in sight! Apparently these ladies are Japan’s most popular female comedians — Tomochika, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Naomi Watanabe, and Shizuyo Yamasaki. No matter who they are, they make fine Ghostbusters and this video is worth wasting a few moments of your time on.

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The oh so bad rock ‘n’ roll of the Ghoulies!
The Ghoulies are a high octane rush of rock  ‘n’ roll!  Hailing from Denver Colorado, their low down, b-movie tinged punk blues will get your toes tapping!  I recently caught up with the band for an interview! So, let’s get to know the Ghoulies!   First off, since we’re... Read more
That awesome cover song from that Penny Dreadful ad.

Official video for Masquer – You Don’t Own Me. From the Masquer EP “Covers” (2012)
Directed by Charlotte Landelius and Theresa Traore Dahblerg

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Let’s stop and listen to some music for a second.
You might be sick of us posting about the new Ghostbusters film, but I just wanted to take another moment and point out how much l liked the score.  I love music, I’m even married to a musician.  So, a film with a good score always impresses me.  Elmer... Read more
Music video pays tribute to “Friday the 13th” films.
The “Friday” series has had many tributes in recent years.  But this video from Wolfie’s Just Fine really nails the strange innocence of discovering the horror genre.  Enjoy(or don’t).   Read more
Bloody Good Rhymes: Johnny Hacknslash

Kicking this off is an interview with underground nerdcore rapper Johnny Hacknslash. I first saw Johnny perform at the 2015 Nerd Cave showcase, an annual comic book convention and music showcase in Austin, Texas. Many of his songs leaned towards macabre themes, so naturally he won me over. I think he’ll win you over once you get to know him better.

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