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RIP Bernie Wrightson 1948-2017
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Press Release:  Death by Festival!

We are the new home for underground horror and extreme live music. For one day only, you will be immersed in an intimate setting where you will have an encounter unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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Castle Talk: Director Ed Gass-Donnelly Brings the Creepy With Lavender
Jason talks to Ed Gass-Donnelly, director of The Last Exorcism Part II and Small Town Murder Songs, and the new psychological horror film. In Lavender, when a photographer (Abbie Cornish) suffers severe memory loss after a traumatic accident, strange clues among her photos suggest she may be responsible for the deaths of... Read more
Press Release: Punk vs. Rockabilly 7 during SXSW!
In Austin Texas for SXSW?  Then get ready to rumble! This time it’s WAR! For the 7th year in a row, two music scenes will gather at the neutral ground of Flamingo Cantina. But only one will have victory and bragging rights! Yes, that’s right the best lil’ rock... Read more
Dystopia Now: A Sci-Fi/Horror Primer to 2017!
2016 is dead, welcome to the future!  Change is in the air and the world seems to be in a general state of unrest.  Many genre buffs feel like we’re living some kind of terrifying science fiction movie gone wrong.  While this writer is trying to remain optimistic about... Read more
Retro TV “Buffy” the Yoko Factor!

Colonel McNamara speaks to an unnamed, suited John McCain lookalike, who urges the Colonel to get the Initiative under control and get Riley back in their hands. They’ve invested too much in him. Meanwhile, Spike tries to convince new playmate Adam not to underestimate the Slayer.

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The Jasons make punk rock great!
  Okay, we’re a day early, but since this video is also spoofing Donald Trump I think it’s fair game.  The Jasons are hockey mask wearing, Friday the 13th pop-punk act.  This is their video for “I Wanna be An Asshole” and it’s got a nice Ramones vibe that... Read more
Retro TV “Buffy” the Wish

Cordelia can trace her problems to one event: Buffy’s arrival. When a wish takes Buffy away, Sunnydale becomes a nightmare landscape drenched in darkness and the lusty rule of the Master, Xander and Willow. Can we get the old nightmare back, please?

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Gertrude Aldridge and Horrormovies.net are saying goodbye to 2016!

Death to 2016!!

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Say hello to Pennywise the Clown!

Hemlock Grove’s Bill Skarsgard plays the murderous clown in It. It is an adaptation of the 1986 King novel of the same name.

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