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Review:  Castlevania Season One

Dracula hasn’t faired very well in modern film or televsion. The world’s most famous vampire is a genre icon with literally hundreds of adaptations throughout movie history. However, the not-so good Count hasn’t had a solid hit under his cape in years. Dracula Untold was only a modest box office success. TV adventures in the form of the tepid “Dracula” on NBC or Showtime’s critically lauded monster rally “Penny Dreadful” were both cancelled. That makes Dracula’s most succesful outing in relatively recent history Stephen Sommer’s divisive “Van Helsing.” So, it hasn’t been looking really good for the lord of the undead.
But you truly can’t keep a good vampire down. Comic book scribe Warren Ellis and “Dredd” director/producer Adi Shankar have teamed up to adapt the fan favorite horror video game series Castlevania for Netflix. While the results aren’t perfect, they hit the right notes that horror fans are hoping for.

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RIP George A. Romero!
The site hasn’t been very active lately, but there was no way I could not post about this.  However briefly.  I know he lived a full life, but this really stings. Still.  Romero created a whole genre.  He made smart, stylish, horror films that will always been with us. I’ve... Read more
Penny Dreadful: A Truly Dark Universe.

Needless to say SPOILERS for Penny Dreadful.

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Famous Monsters Dallas  Picture Round-Up!
Very sorry about the “radio silence” around here.   It’s taken nearly a week for your ol’ pal Drew to recover from the Famous Monsters of Filmland convention in Dallas Texas.   But fear not,  I come with gifts in the form of convention photos! Enjoy!          ... Read more
Universal unleashes it’s “Dark Universe.”

Because “MonsterVerse” had already been taken?

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Nerd Cave in Austin!
  So, nerd out with us tomorrow at the annual NERD CAVE Showcase! I look forward to this every year. I consider the real kick-off to convention season. I will be there loaded up with comic books for your enjoyment.  For more info check out the official event.  Read more
Trailer/Press Release: The Song of Solomon.

Mary witnesses the brutal suicide of her Father. His death unleashes the savage forces of demonic possession in his daughter. The End of Days is upon the world, famine, drought, looting and chaos is ripping the world apart and the Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession. Wave after wave of holy men are sent to confront the possessed but what is the Holy Church actually doing? The City on Seven Hills is working on the Second Coming of Christ but before He comes back… the Antichrist must rule for seven years. The Song of Solomon’s true nature is to unleash an evil the world has been waiting for since the beginning of time.

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There is no Dino…only Zuul!

ROM scientists name new dinosaur species after Ghostbusters villain.

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More on Panoptikon’s Mad Monster Party!
  The Mad Monster Party: Unofficial Famous Monsters After-Party and Costumed Dance! Welcome all Famous Monsters of Filmland / Famous Monsters Convention Dallas attendees, monsters, horror film fans and friends beyond… Come Dressed as Your Favorite Movie Monster! Cosplayers and Monster-Kids welcome! Everyone in costume receives a complimentary PANOPTIKbitch... Read more
It’s Slime Time! Burnham and Schoening on “Ghostbusters 101!”

In recent years, it has become common place for comic book companies to revive popular and nostalgic brands from our childhood that we know and love. But the trick of resurrecting a cult classic from the grave isn’t always an easy one. If done wrong, it becomes a souless beast sucking the life out of a treasured memory. However, thanks to IDW we know just who to call to combat crappy comics. Say it with me out loud, readers! “GHOSTBUSTERS!”

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