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REMAKE THIS! –  Maximum Overdrive REMAKE THIS! –  Maximum Overdrive
MISSION STATEMENT: Seems like every week we hear about another classic horror movie being remade. Poltergeist, Gremlins, Friday the 13th, The Blob and the... REMAKE THIS! –  Maximum Overdrive

Seems like every week we hear about another classic horror movie being remade. Poltergeist, Gremlins, Friday the 13th, The Blob and the list can go on and on. We know we can’t fight Hollywood’s lack of originality, so let’s go ahead and embrace it. In this series of blog posts I will go into detail about which “Classic” horror film should be remade next. Yes I put “Classic” in quotes. Most of the movies I pick won’t be considered “Good” but that’s even more reason to remake them.

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The Movie- Maximum Overdrive (1986):



Steven King is known for being one of the masters of horror. This prolific writer has had more of his stories adapted than any other writer. Some of his adapted works have become classics in horror cinema. Carrie, The Shinning, and many others have been remade already. There are some King stories that aren’t classics. This movie is one of them. This movie was based on a King short story called Trucks. In fact this was already remade as a TV movie called Trucks in 1997. That movie wasn’t a classic either, but let’s gets back to this movie. This movie has the distinction of being the only King story that happens to be one of the worst adaption’s and directed by Steven King himself. Yes I wrote that sentence and it seems to make no sense but King himself has proclaimed that this is one of the worse King adaption’s. He blames it on being too coked up, but I think it was just his inexperience at directing, but I guess being coked up probably didn’t help. I personally didn’t hate the movie as most people do. It has a couple redeeming qualities.


Say what you want about the silly premise, but this has got to be the most menacing Green Goblin on film. They’ve tried three times to make him scary in the Spiderman movie and this movie still has the better Green Goblin villain.

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The other best thing about this movie was the soundtrack, which was done by no other than AC/DC. The movie might not have been a commercial or critical hit but the soundtrack had a number of hit singles.

(Mega Spoilers- I’m going to pretty spoil the whole movie.)
The movie starts with a strange comet coming close to earth that causes all the electrical devices on earth to suddenly become murderous. ATM’s, chainsaws, lawnmowers and of course cars suddenly start to become alive and out for blood. Emilio Estevez plays the lead as a character named Bill Robinson who ends up in a small truck stop café while trying to escape from a crazy Green Goblin Truck hunting him down. The trucks surround a small group of people trapped in the café and it’s up to Bill to gather this rag tag group to stand up against these murderous trucks. When they find a cache of rocket launchers and machine guns it becomes a all out war against the machines.




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Maybe it’s me but I think this story has the promise of being a really fun action packed horror movie. Think of it as Fast and the Furious meets Friday the 13th. The cars are the serial killers. Show more of the global horror happening all over the world and just make the events more horrifying and give it more black humor and this has the makings of a great remake. We’re more tapped into technology now than we ever were in the 80’s. Everyone is connected to electronics now. Our phones are our best friends. We have Drones, Planes and so many more things now. Imagine all these things attacking you from all directions. I’d also maybe get rid of the whole comet thing and the alien subplot. Maybe make it a virus or even a supernatural element. They’ve tried two times with this story and I think the third time might be the charm. All we need is a talented writer and director to give it that comical edge it needs to make this a standout. Also they need to bring back the Goblin Truck again. That’s almost an iconic image.

If you have any ideas for which horror movies should be remade, tell us below and I’ll try to fit it into an upcoming blog entry.

Raphael Moran

After graduating from New York’s School of Visual Arts, Raphael Moran ventured into the world of graphic design and storyboarding for various studios. In 2011, he published his first creator-owed mini-series, “Dream Reavers” with Ape Entertainment. In 2012, he published two graphic novels. “Flee” was published by Arcana Studios and “Techno-Mancer” was published by Markosia Comics. Currently he is working on various projects as well as starting his own publishing company, Super Ego Press.

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