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Remake This! – Ghoulies Remake This! – Ghoulies
“Ghoulies” was released one year after the mega success that was, Gremlins. Hollywood was eager to replicate that success; so a ton of “Tiny... Remake This! – Ghoulies


They'll get you in the end.

19851 h 21 min
Director Luca Bercovici
Runtime 1 h 21 min
Release Date 2 March 1985

Seems like every week we hear about another classic horror movie being remade. Poltergeist, Gremlins, Friday the 13th, The Blob and the list can go on and on. We know we can’t fight Hollywood’s lack of originality, so let go ahead and embrace it. This is the first of many blog posts that will go into detail about which “Classic” horror film should be remade next. Yes I put “Classic” in quotes. Most of the movies I pick won’t be considered “Good” but that’s even more reason to remake them.

The Movie – GHOULIES (1985) directed by Luca Bercovici

“Ghoulies” was released one year after the mega success that was, Gremlins. Hollywood was eager to replicate that success; so a ton of “Tiny Creature” horror comedy movies were quickly released. That’s how movies like Critters, Troll and others were born. Unlike those other movies, Ghoulies actually was one of the few successful rip-offs, making 35 million on a 1 million budget and spawning three sequels. Many critics despise this movie and most only think it did so well because of the great ad campaign which had one of the Ghoulies coming out of the toilet. In fact the creators of the movie got a ton of hate mail because of that ad. Many kids in the 80’s were afraid to go to the potty because of this image below.

Image from the movie "Ghoulies"

© 1985 Empire Pictures − All right reserved.

I’m not a fan of the original movie, but I do have a slight liking to the second one.  Ghoulies 3- Ghoulies go to college is so campy and goofy it’s almost worth watching for the silliness alone.  The less said about Ghoulies 4 the better.  They got rid of the puppets and went with midgets in bad make-up.

What’s the Plot of the Movie?

Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis) uncovers his late father’s occult paraphernalia in his family’s mansion.   After inviting all his friends over to party, Graves tries to summon up the demonic forces his father dabbled with in hopes of gaining supernatural powers.  Consequently, the little Ghoulies arrive to descend on the manor and terrorize everyone who participated in the ritual. The ritual also resurrects Jonathan’s father from the grave as the ghoulies’ evil master.  Jonathan has to stop his father and the horde of tiny demons before they kill off all his friends and end the world.   It’s also noteworthy because this movie was Mariska Hargitay first big screen movie.

Why Should it be Remade?

The effects in this movie were really dated.  Whereas the Gremlins looked very lifelike, these puppets looked very bad in comparison.  This is one movie where I think CGI can actually help bring some life to the lifeless demons that were in these movies.   They tried to make them funny and charming, but they just came off as bad puppets.  I’d also play up the black comedy more and push it more into the realm of horror.  The old movies tended to be too goofy and the way they killed people were way too goofy.

There’s talk of a Gremlins reboot, remake or whatever in Hollywood, so maybe we’ll see a comeback of the “Tiny Creature” horror genre.  Yeah, I’m considering it a genre now.   Let’s redesign these baddies, make them more menacing and maybe slightly bigger.   Add more of the occult stuff and up the gore factor and this could be a great remake.  It wouldn’t be that hard to make a better movie than the original.

If you have any ideas for which horror movies should be remade, tell us below and I’ll try to fit it into an upcoming blog entry.

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