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Bat City Special:  Meet Dan Price! Bat City Special:  Meet Dan Price!
Welcome to a comic as weird and wild as Texas! Over the next few weeks I'm going to be spending some time introducing ya'll... Bat City Special:  Meet Dan Price!

Welcome to a comic as weird and wild as Texas! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be spending some time introducing ya’ll to the creative team behind the Halloween Man “Bat City Special.”    First up, it is Mr. Dan Price!

So, tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a comic book creator, creative director and illustrator from Austin, TX. I have a wife, 2 step kids, a dog, a cat and a mortgage. When not working, you can find me painting or hanging with the fam.

How did you come to be interested in making comics?
My parents gave me some crayons. I drew my first comic at 6. It was my rendition of Condorman from the old Disney movie. 


What are some other projects you have worked on.

Latex Avenger, Masters of the Obvious, Excelsi-ish! for the Stan Lee Foundation, Guano Guy, Halloween Man and The Comic Jam.

Favorite Comic Book Artist?
It’s a tie between Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, Rob Liefeld, Wally Wood, Will Eisner, JRJR, Dan Fraga, Mike Mignola, Adrian Tomine and Dave Lapham.  And Arthur Adams. And Dave McKean. And Tim Sale.
How long have you lived in Austin? If you moved here, what brought you here?
About 17 years.  Moved for work. Not interest in leaving any time soon. 
How would you describe working as an artist in Austin?
Most other artists in town are inviting and eager to get to know each other and talk shop, which is always inspiring.
When did you first become aware of Halloween Man?
A few years back at the first Nerd Cave.

 Who is your favorite Halloween Man character?   

Halloween Man himself, followed by the Revengers.

Tell us about your story for the Bat City Special and your process of working on it?

The story is called The Inhuman Condition, a grittier, more horrific take on the Halloween Man character. I tried to include a noir tone and really worked with shadows and light. All artwork for the story was done digitally in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for the lettering. 

What else excites you about this project?

Always fun to work with local creators. 
Anything in closing?
My dog is staring at me. 
Thanks for your time Dan!  For more information on the Halloween Man: Bat City Special, check out their IndieGoGo and of course, become a backer if you want!



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